Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 Reasons Low Carb Diet Will Not Success

Still desperate to rid rice and other types of carb from your diet? Think again. According to health experts, a diet low in Carbohydrates not going to take place in the long term. The nutrition experts agree that most people would be addicted carbohydrates, and if you eliminate these foods from your diet, you will charge more. Want to know the reason why a diet low carbohydrates more failure?

Makes you sad and stressed

A study conducted by Australian researchers studied the behavior of 106 people who are dieting, for a year. Half of them were on the diet rich in carbohydrates, while the rest apply the low-carb diet. After a year, eating carbohydrates was feeling happier, calmer, more focused, while the group that avoids carbohydrates feel stressed. This is because carbohydrates increase the setting mood, reduce stress causes a chemical in the brain, and foods rich in protein and fat can be mengurasnya, said Grant Brinkworth, PhD, chairman of the researchers.

No make thin, even fatter

Depression and stress experienced by people who avoid carbohydrates in the long run will undermine their efforts to stay slim. The reason for the stress hormone cortisol cause high levels, which boost the appetite and cause your food cravings, according to obesity specialists, Elissa Epel, PhD, who is also a visiting professor at the University of California, San Francisco Department of Psychiatry.

Did not last long

Diets low carbohydrates at most will only last six weeks, or a maximum of six months. Research also shows that people are more difficult to discipline on the low diet than the high carbohydrates carbohydrates. A recent study conducted by Harvard University showed that of 322 dieter, only 78 percent who remain disciplined with a diet low in long-term carbohydratesnya. While those who remain faithful to the diet high in carbohydratesnya after two years, the number reached 90 percent.

Make flatulence

What makes your stomach bloated so it is difficult to link buttons on pants or close resletingnya? It was not just rice. According to the National Institute of Digestive Diseases, flatulence is one of the symptoms of constipation. And, constipation is a side effect of a diet low in carbohydrates.

In one study, as many as 68 percent of participants who apply a diet low in carbohydrates complained of constipation. Compare this with only 30 percent of those who were not dieting at all, or 35 percent are eating more carbohydrates.

So craving more carbohydrates

Diets often fail because of low carbohydrates you start to crave carbs more "kick" in the stomach. In a study from the University of Toronto, half of 89 women were asked to limit the number carbohydrates consumed, whereas the other half did not. After three days, when both groups are served breakfast for the test and asked to eat whatever they want, women who followed a diet low in carbohydrates carbohydrates tend to choose high-fat and high calories (like croissants), whereas a diet high carbohydrates still follow the pattern diet.

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